From Research Intelligence to Application Integration, State Creature Debuts at Personal Care PCT2022

From concern about a single ingredient to research formulation synergy, penetration technology, this session of consumers are increasingly sensible. And beauty brands are getting "volume", in raw material research and development, formulation development, transdermal absorption and other breakthroughs "quiet efforts".

On November 2-3, the PCT2022 Personal Care Technology Summit & Exhibition hosted by Ringier was held in Shanghai.The forum focused on practical topics such as ingredient innovation, basic research, formulation development, safety assessment, efficacy claims, clinical validation, etc., to explore future trends from the R&D side to the application side.

Kingsley, Head of Product Division of Stattronics, has been invited to attend the forum and will present.What new ingredients, technologies and applications have emerged from the fusion of synthetic biology and beauty technology?In addition, related products were also presented at the booth of Stato Bio, which gained the attention of many industry professionals.

Since the promulgation of the Code of Practice for the Evaluation of Cosmetic Efficacy Claims last year, the domestic cosmetic industry has been undergoing a transition and transformation from a marketing-driven to an "efficacy-as-king" trend. From the ingredients to the technology behind the ingredients, the efficacy claims of skin care products need a more solid scientific foundation.The innovative application of synthetic organisms in the beauty field is leading the new trend of technological skin care.

We are the first in the industry to achieve full chain technology coverage from R&D to production, and have rich raw material reserves and cutting-edge research experience. We have more than 30 products in stock, including a variety of effective skin care ingredients such as small molecule peptides and other innovative ingredients such as type III collagen and squalane.

The actual collagen for example, from the "IQ tax" to the medical beauty new favorite, collagen products with the development of biosynthesis technology and gradually mature. In addition, the human-derived type III collagen is a cutting-edge problem throughout the academic and industry sectors, with technical difficulties and mass production problems becoming common pain points.The recombinant human-derived type III collagen developed by Stattronics using biosynthesis method is highly humanized and can achieve triple helix spatial structure with stable structure, high purity, strong hydrophilicity and better effect.

From the R&D side to the application side, there is still a long way to go. The addition of functional ingredients is only the first step, and the answer is how to achieve formulation synergy and enhance transdermal absorption effect through flexible matching in order to deliver satisfactory answers to consumers. In addition to substance research and development, CCTF has also been increasing its investment in application research in the field of beauty and skin care.

Based on the advantages of the abundant products of Statektron, Littlektron has developed 9 compound products, including star formulas for whitening and spot removal, wrinkle removal and firming, repair and soothing, and eye care.Combined with the efficacy fast screening technology, we can screen the optimal formula ratio and develop hidden efficacy targets to provide the best cost-effective products for our brand & factory customers.

In addition, Stato Bio has developed an industry-leading microfluidic nanotransdermal technology in collaboration with Nanjing University of Technology.Through "rational design of carrier + process control enhancement", we designed a new nano transdermal carrier to achieve extensive drug loading and transdermal permeation, and further developed a new micro-mixing device and process, which solved the problem of nano carrier production and scaling, and broke through the technical bottleneck of the industry, opening up a new transdermal absorption path for beauty, medical beauty and even pharmaceutical fields. Absorption path. The presentation attracted a lot of attention and many industry professionals expressed their optimism about this cutting-edge technology.

As one of the first biomanufacturing platforms in the world to realize multi-material mass production, Stato Bio is committed to synthetic biotechnology innovation, constantly overcoming cutting-edge issues and contributing to the power of green biomanufacturing for "medical, food, beauty and safety". Everything grows and foresees a beautiful future.

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