Bio-Manufacturing Platforms of Mass Production of Various Substances

TIDETRON COMDEL Active Peptide Prediction and Mining Model is online Welcome to experience!

iTidetron AI engine drives rapid mass production of substances

AI empowered, the future is here. TIDETRON COMDEL, an active peptide prediction and mining AI model developed by Stantron Bio based on deep learning, is designed to assist in guiding and screening target substances, drive rapid mass production of substances, and explore cutting-edge technological changes.

TIDETRON COMDEL has launched the first phase of AI antimicrobial peptide prediction and mining model, which has wide coverage, high accuracy and easy operation. We are now open to partners from all walks of life to create a green and sustainable "bio-age".

Targeted Selection of New Cell Elements

Unique Tidetron AltraTidetron Altra Platform

Tidetron is the first company in China to complete the entire chain from R&D to production. Our unique Tidetron Altra platform-based strain library and component library make absolute breakthroughs in mass production and universality. We use CRISPR-Cas and other gene-editing tools and the leading high-throughput screening technology to utilize the combination of microfluidic and directional evolution. Furthermore, we achieve green mass production through intelligent fermentation. Our factory can provide customized production with an annual production capacity exceeding 10,000 tons.

Based on the self-built Tidetron Altra platform-based strain library and component library, we could assemble and transform the chassis cells as required and provide essential resources and data reserves for the rapid construction of a "cell factory" for synthesizing target substances.

Research Technology


Quickly Build Comprehensive Strain Samples

Comprehensively Apply New Bioengineering Technology

With CRISPR-Cas and other gene-editing tools, Tidetron improves the synthesis efficiency of the "cell factory" in an all-around way. We have built and optimized the metabolic pathway in chassis cells combining with genetic engineering, enzyme engineering, and other technical means. Finally, we built a sample bank - "T sample” containing as many engineering bacteria as possible, significantly improving the success rate of obtaining target strains.

Shorten Screening Time Exponentially

Create New Speed of High-throughput Screening

Tidetron has the leading high-throughput screening ability in China. We changed the traditional "rational design" through the combination of microfluidic and directional evolution and introduced the directional mutation process into the synthetic pathway. At present, the flux of our own microfluidic platform can reach 10^9 cells per day, 10^3~10^4 faster than that of the traditional screening method, and the screening process is shortened from several years to several months.

Mass Production


Super Factory Creates New Production

Intelligent Fermentation Realizes Green Mass Production

The materials developed by us are perfected by a series of processes such as small-medium-large scale industrial trial production, and the perfect strains are rapidly fermented and mass-produced in the customized intelligent fermentation system. After the products are separated and purified, the target materials with high purity, good activity, and stable quality are obtained. Our factory has an annual production capacity of over 10,000 tons, and its production has achieved "three lows" in low energy consumption, low pollution, and low carbon emissions.

Platform Service


New Services for R&D and Mass Production Integration  

Welcome to Cooperate with Us


Relying on the integrated system of production and research, Tidetron opens the cooperation channel of the Tidetron Altra platform-based strain library. We can start to reserve data and essential share resources and provide customized and integrated solutions from material engineering to the application of mass production. In addition, Tidetron supports joint patent applications with all sectors of society and jointly explores the innovation and breakthroughs in the application of synthetic biotechnology in collaborative research and development.


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