Strontium invited to the World Food Forum 2023 Synthetic biology for sustainability!

In his opening remarks, FAO Director-General Qu Dongyu, the organizer of the Conference, pointed out that rapid population growth, rapid urbanization and industrialization, economic development and the climate crisis were already putting enormous pressure on the global water resource base. At the same time, increasingly frequent natural disasters such as floods and droughts are further impacting agri-food systems and jeopardizing the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of farmers. He called for accelerated action to achieve the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Synthetic biology technology precisely brings new green opportunities for sustainable development of agri-food. Strike Bio is the first to open the era of mass production in the field of synthetic biology in China. Intelligent fermentation in its own factory realizes green and clean production without using chemical reagents, heavy metal catalysts, etc., which is not only clean and efficient, but also has low energy consumption, low pollution and low carbon emission.

In the field of agriculture and food, Ecotron not only can reuse corn, straw and other bio-based raw materials, but also is constantly accelerating the development and application of non-food bio-based raw materials. Meanwhile, Ecotron has also built a series of material development systems based on biofixation method, and the fermentation scale of 10,000 tons can fix about 3,000-4,000 tons of carbon dioxide a year.

This year, the World Food Forum, with the theme "Transforming agrifood systems for climate action", was organized in an online and offline format. The main events included the Global Youth Forum, the FAO Science and Innovation Forum and the FAO Hands on Investment Forum, which attracted nearly 10,000 participants.

The WFF Global Youth Forum focuses on the important role that youth can play in transforming agri-food systems and promoting sustainable development. Darci Vetter, Senior Vice President of Global Public Policy at PepsiCo, along with young entrepreneurs from China, Spain, Germany, and the United States, discussed innovative solutions.

As one of the company representatives, Zhiqian Zhang, Founder and CEO of Ecotron Bio, shared, "Ecotron Bio brings together a group of young scientists. They bring new ways of thinking and master cutting-edge synthetic biotechnology. Their creativity and enthusiasm play a key role in driving technological innovation and have a positive impact on the SDGs".

"As a young entrepreneur, I believe that young people can build their own businesses that focus on solving social and environmental challenges and ultimately change the world. At State Creation, our young team will take on more cutting-edge needs and maintain a strong market sensitivity and flexibility, which is another layer of advantage that sets us apart from industry players starting their own businesses.

"Zhang Zhiqian said the company has been focusing on applying synthetic biotechnology to industrial transformation to make low-carbon goals a reality.

Based on the maturity of the technology platform and the innovation of the business model, Striker has gradually expanded and perfected the four major segments of the synthetic biology platform, namely technology, production, products and market, and has taken the lead in the industry in laying out and realizing the integration of R&D, production and marketing as well as the layout of the whole industrial chain, and has been the forerunner in the development of the synthetic biology platform.

Stage Creative Bio is committed to creating healthy and green solutions for the agri-food industry. In addition to the supply of pure raw materials, Stage Creative Bio provides three-dimensional platform services such as upstream research and development and commercialization landing to help the agri-food system transform to sustainable development.

Currently, the company has cooperated with leading food and beverage companies as well as universities and colleges such as Jiangnan University to promote joint research and development projects on food innovation.

In addition, the platform development path of Ecostrong helps the sustainable development of the society, and has been recognized by international organizations and media, such as the World Food Organization (FAO), the British Journal of Health and Pharmaceuticals (GHP), and Fortune Magazine, among others.

As a synthetic bio-platform enterprise, Strike Bio is willing to work together with global customers and partners to build a sustainable agri-food future, continuously develop healthy product solutions that meet people's nutritional needs, realize cost reduction and efficiency increase through scientific and technological innovation, and promote green production and lifestyle.

Technology to the new, all things grow.

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