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Reported by the New Express Daily On the morning of March 22nd, Sun Yat-sen University-Tidetron Joint Research Center held the opening ceremony in CUHK Science and Technology Park. The two sides will further deepen the cooperation of enterprises-universities-researches in synthetic biology, and effectively enhance the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements. On the same day, leaders from Sun Yat-sen University and the government of Haizhu District, other heads from relevant departments, experts and enterprise representatives of Tidetron showed up in the activity.

Leaders Attend the Opening Ceremony of the Joint Research Center

Ping Lan, the member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of Sun Yat-sen University, pointed out in his speech that synthetic biology is an important direction of future scientific and technological development. He hoped that the Joint Research Center would persist in meeting the national strategic needs, and give full play to the advantages of both schools and enterprises to make more original innovations and climb to the highest point of future scientific and technological development quickly. He also hoped that both universities and enterprises will continue to deepen the integration of science and education, train more outstanding talents in future, and contribute to the construction of a powerful country in science and technology. Finally, he hoped that the platform from joint research will persist in regional economic development, achieve more fruitful accomplishments and make greater contributions to the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, especially Haizhu District.

Xiaochu Fu, the member of the Standing Committee of Haizhu District Party Committee, deputy party secretary and executive deputy district head of the district government, and secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xingang Street, said that Haizhu District has promoted economic and social development around the spatial layout of "one district, one valley and one circle" in recent years. They took Pazhou Experimental Zone as the engine and CUHK International Innovation Ecological Valley as the platform, effectively promoting the accelerated gathering of innovative resources. Haizhu District will continue to focus on the core position of innovation, strengthen basic capacity building, promote the digital upgrading of urban industry, and create a superior environment for innovation and development. Sun Yat-sen University has excellent experience in synthetic biology and green production, and has established a joint research center with Tidetron. They have made key technological breakthroughs in the transformation of scientific research achievements to further promote the accurate construction of talent teams and lead more technological innovations and achievements transformation in universities.

It is known that synthetic biology is called "the third biotechnology revolution", which is endowed with the expectation of reshaping life and subverting traditional industrial production methods. In recent years, synthetic biology has grown rapidly. Born in Guangzhou and founded by Zhiqian Zhang , a doctor at Sun Yat-sen University, Tidetron now is leading in mass production and commercialization of various substances. With its efficient, open and shared Tidetron Altra platform-based strain library and annual production capacity of over 10,000 tons, Tidetron has become a dark horse in the industry, raising over 100 million US dollars in just one year.

At the opening ceremony, Zhiqian Zhang , the founder and CEO of Tidetron, said that synthetic biology companies are basically at the same starting line globally. With the help of policy and academia support, the innovation system of enterprises-universities-researches could be built. Thus, they will seize the development opportunities in the race. Tidetron has accumulated some experience in the transformation of scientific research achievements, but there are still more core difficulties in this industry at present, which still need joint efforts by academic circles. This joint research center can realize complementary experiences in the future and jointly strengthen the ability of scientific and technological innovation of Haizhu District and Greater Bay Area.

It is reported that Jianzhong Liu, the professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Life Sciences of Sun Yat-sen University, is the director of the Joint Research Center. Professor Liu introduced, Sun Yat-sen University has one of the earliest teams to carry out research on synthetic biology in China. At present, many professors from the School of Life Sciences of Sun Yat-sen University have made exciting research achievements in synthetic biology. In future, Sun Yat-sen University and Tidetron will take the joint research center as the carrier and concentrate on creating a new model of school-enterprise cooperation in the synthetic biology sector.

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