Erythritol, the "slash youth" of sugar substitute circle: a cross-border player in food, cosmetics and medicine

Most of the zero-sugar sodas and zero-sugar snacks that we spin every day come from erythritol. And in addition to food and beverage, small creation in toothpaste, cosmetics, drugs also found its figure.

It turns out that erythritol is the real winner in life!

Erythritol, also known as erythritol, is a type of sugar substitute. It is not quite like its other sugar substitute siblings. It is natural and safe, and has a perfect balance of taste and health. It is about 70% the sweetness of sucrose, but only 5% the calories of sucrose, and is not glycemic because it cannot be absorbed and metabolized by the body. Thus, erythritol is called the "three good students" with excellent overall quality.

Erythritol's "day trip to the human body" is simple and short. It first ascends to the continent of the tongue, sending a "sweet signal" to the brain, and then makes its way to the stomach and small intestine. It is disappointed that there are no enzymes to digest it along the way and the body cannot metabolize it. The "selfless" erythritol mostly follows the urine and leaves.

Although the human body does not want erythritol, but the market can not do without it. According to the report of IFC, the current demand of erythritol in China is about 90,000 tons, and it is estimated that it will reach 300,000 tons in 2025. With the business ability of perfect balance of taste and health, erythritol leads the trend of "zero sugar" in the consumer market.

Erythritol's sugar substitute business is growing rapidly. Yuanqi Forest sparkling water, Coconut Thai 0 sugar coconut juice, ≥9 sparkling wine ......

The "zero sugar" drink has contracted everyone's happiness all summer. And I also found that erythritol has more advantages than you can imagine!

The graph shows the change in acidity of plain yogurt and the same sweetness of sucrose-free yogurt
Recipe flavor of compound sugar: erythritol:rosmarinic acid sweet glucoside:steviol glycoside=99:2:2
Literature source: "Effect of added compound sugar on the quality of solidified yogurt

An example: North Sea Farm's low-temperature yogurt

Literature source: "Study on the protective effect of erythritol on vitamin C in lemon juice drinks

An example: Juice Source sparkling water drink

Because erythritol is so excellent, Xiaochuang was encouraged to delve into synthetic biology and create a platform for independent research, development and production of erythritol biosynthesis, which is truly realized: fast and good, low carbon and environmental protection.

Relying on hard-core technology to break the application bottleneck. StateChange Bio keeps exploring food, beauty, medicine, bulk materials and other fields, so that synthetic biology can become the power to change the world practically. Xiaotron has also been committed to co-constructing a healthier and better lifestyle, where everything grows and the future is promising.

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