Tanning Philosophy: Unlock the limited summer "Dopamine" skin!

The paradox of summer is the word "tan". Some people try to prevent sun tanning, while others try to get darker.

According to a recent report by The Guardian, the number of hits on the topic "fake tan" on TikTok has exceeded 2 billion. According to the Global Times, when you search for "tanning" on Dianping, there are nearly 1,000 stores in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Tens of thousands of notes have also appeared on Xiaohongshu when searching for the keyword "beauty tanning".

Although in conventional wisdom, natural tanning is an option. But in fact, the popularity of sunless tanning (fake tan) has been on the rise since the 1960s, when the Multinational Health Authority confirmed a link between UV exposure (from sunlight or tanning beds) and the incidence of skin cancer.

Nowadays, from sprays to mousses, there are various types of sunless tanning products. But really let everyone "a wipe on the good skin color", in fact, is a magic active ingredient - DHA.

DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is a monosaccharide compound, widely found in nature in all living organisms. It is the only active ingredient approved by the FDA for sunless tanning agents, and is a worthy spokesperson for sunless tanning.

When the sunless tanner is applied topically to the skin, the DHA in it reacts with the amino acids and proteins in the skin in a "Melad" reaction (non-enzymatic browning), resulting in nitrogen-containing pigments of varying shades of yellow to brown.

Although the pigment produced by the Meladic reaction is collectively known as melanin, there is no need to talk about "black". Because DHA can make tanning healthy!

Additional properties alone are not enough; DHA, which is chemically quite active, is also a handful across the board.

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) contains three functional groups (two hydroxyl groups and one carbonyl group) in its molecule, which can participate in a wide range of reactions such as polymerization and condensation. Therefore, DHA is also an important intermediate for the synthesis of medicine and pesticide.

Some of the compounds synthesized using their derivatives as intermediates also have therapeutic effects on cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and antiviral activity (e.g., AIDS, etc.).

DHA in foreign wind so many years, the production process has been more mature, mainly chemical and microbial method of two kinds.

The microbial method adopted by Xiaochuang has many advantages over the chemical method: mild reaction conditions, simple and easy-to-control process, high substrate utilization, high reaction specificity, few by-products, and high concentration of products, high yield, high conversion rate, and cleaner production process. From the perspective of long-term development and environmental protection, it has more potential.

Microbiological methods can be further divided into fermentation and biocatalytic methods.

Currently there are more studies on the production of DHA by fermentation, but there are many water-soluble impurities in the fermentation products, such as nutrients in the culture medium, metabolic by-products of the cells, etc. Since DHA can only be crystallized in a very pure aqueous solution, its subsequent extraction process is more complicated, and it is a test for the time, manpower as well as reagents.

Therefore, Xiaochuang chose a trick "whole cell biocatalysis" clever crack. Whole-cell biocatalysis (Cell-based biocatalysis) refers to the use of complete microorganisms as a whole cell as a catalyst for the reaction, the structure of the substrate modification or transformation of the catalytic process, with a high degree of substrate specificity, catalytic ability, stability and other multiple advantages.

HPLC test proved that the purity of DHA obtained by Xiaochuang through the whole-cell catalytic method is 99.8% or above~ In addition, back-end fermentation amplification process of our own factory is added, and DHA can also be efficiently mass-produced in Xiaochuang's assembly line.

With its healthy tanning function and intermediate body properties, DHA has gradually come into the "mainstream vision" in recent years.

According to Barnes Reports, the global market size of DHA is $235 million in 2022, with a steady increase in the market size in the remaining years, except for a slight decline in 2020 due to the impact of the epidemic. Among them, the market size of DHA in China in 2022 was USD 73.2 million, accounting for a global market share of 31%.

Another Business Research Insights forecasts that DHA will dominate the cosmetic segment by 2028. Among them, the increasing demand for tanning is the most critical market driver. For this reason, the major brands in the product power to build above, is also riveted to the force~

Focusing on cutting-edge trends and linking to beautiful needs, Strike Bio is committed to synthetic biology research innovation and industrial applications, and to building a better future with the power of science and technology. A series of new products and new technical services will be launched one after another, welcome to inquire~!

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