Wild drag cool boiling hot burst: high pure L-ergothioneine combat free base famous scene big reward

Free radicals finally get their hands on DNA

Sun radiation, air pollution, smoking, pesticides, staying up late .....

A combination of internal and external factors causes the body to produce too many reactive oxygen radicals

Inducing nucleic acid mutations that spawn aging and disease

In recent years, it has become increasingly clear to scientists that

Removal of excess free radicals is of great importance to human health

The development of efficient and non-toxic natural antioxidants is one of today's R&D trends

Tron notes

Among a host of free radical scavengers, a fighter close to God emerges

Not only is ergothian an excellent student, but he is also a very good businessman.

It is a free radical sweeper and antioxidant

Combat power!

Ergothioneine's business ability is too good. Some scholars claim that it is the only natural antioxidant with a clear mechanism that can repair mitochondria.Compared with glutathione, vitamin E and uric acidErgothioneine has the best free radical scavenging ability

And compared to the familiar coenzyme Q10 or IdebenoneDouble the antioxidant activity of ergothioneine

Ergothioneine is not only excellent but also has a "spirit of dedication". It has been shown that it can regulate intracellular redox reactions and participate in intracellular energy regulation, and its molecular structure is stable enough to be added to products to improve product stability.

As a rising star in the field of beauty and skin care, ergot sulfur is favored by many brands for its anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-glycosylation effects, and is widely used in sunscreen and whitening products.

Due to its powerful antioxidant capacity, ergothioneine has a promising future in cell preservation, medicine, food and beverage, etc. Ergothioneine as an antioxidant protective component in organ transplantation can be decisive for the success of organ transplantation.

The business ability of ergot sulfur has been certified by many parties and has attracted a lot of attention. Xiaochuang even found it in a real question bank of the national examination and became the main character of the topic

In sorting out the past and present life of ergothioneine, Tron believes that there is nothing wrong with it except that it is expensive! And its high price is due to its harsh output method

Natural ergothioneine is the L-configuration and is currently found to be synthesized in some mycobacteria, streptococci, mycobacteria and other microorganisms that can be absorbed and accumulated by plants and animals.However, the human body cannot synthesize ergothioneine on its own and must obtain it from outside sources.
Previously, ergothioneine production methods mainly focused on chemical synthesis, biological extraction, biological fermentationThese three ways have advantages and disadvantages, or high cost or quality control is difficult

With the development of synthetic biology, the production method of ergothioneine has also been innovated, and the state of the art biology relies on the Tidetron Altra multi-material production platform to produce high-purity L-type ergothioneine with high efficiency and purity by biosynthesis, and the business ability to properly hold international standards

Internationally recognized standards for truly good ergothioneine are at least as good asRotational [α]D ≥ (+)122° (0.1, H2O), high performance liquid phase (HPLC) purity > 99%.
And the ergot sulfur of the Tiny Tron family is such thatHigh performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) detection: purity >99%, spin photometric detection: (+)123° maximum DPPH radical scavenging rate: 91.67%

Stattron Bioergothioneine:

(Data source: third-party testing organizations)

According to the "Global Market Synthetic Ergothioneine Overall Size, Major Manufacturers, Key Regions, Product and Application Segmentation Research Report 2022", the demand for ergothioneine will grow steadily as the national economy continues to grow, the consumer base is younger and people's health awareness continues to increase, and its product applications will blossom in beauty, health care, pharmaceuticals and other fields

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