Bio-economy drives high-quality development! Leaders of Guangdong Development and Reform Institute visited Sitronix for research and guidance.

At the beginning of March, in order to implement the spirit of high-quality development conference of Guangdong Province, develop new quality productivity, and promote the accelerated development of biomanufacturing industry in Guangdong Province, in accordance with the relevant work deployment of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Guangdong Provincial Institute of Development and Reform, together with the leadership of the Guangzhou Institute of Industrial Development, and his entourage to visit Strike Biosciences for research and guidance to gain an in-depth understanding of the situation of the industrial and technological development in the field of biological manufacturing.

The research group successively visited the laboratory of Striker Bio and the exhibition hall of Future Factory, and examined the daily process of Striker Bio's synthetic biotechnology as well as the landing situation on the ground. Mr. Zhang Zhiqian, Founder and CEO of Positronics, introduced in detail the basic situation of Positronics, the current situation and trend of the synthetic biology industry as well as the challenges it is facing.

Synthetic biology production and manufacturing methods are greener and more environmentally friendly, especially in the current dual-carbon target drive, synthetic biology reaction process is clean, efficient, renewable and so on, can reduce the impact of the industrial economy on the ecological environment, the advantages are huge. However, the overall scale of development, mass production, and application of the industry also determines the strength of this industry's impact.

Regarding the problem of mass production, Strike Bio insists on breaking the barriers of cooperation in the industry, breaking the bottleneck of connection between experiment and factory, covering production, learning and research with the whole chain of technology, so as to realize real scale mass production and commercial operation, and realizing multi-substance mass production and application in the speed of R&D in the reverse of production landing, so as to establish a sustainable enterprise business model in the field of synthetic biology, and also to transform synthetic biology into a green ecological ecosystem. We will continue to innovate for the effective transformation of synthetic biology into a green ecological foundation.

Since its establishment in 2021, thanks to the development of the industry, industrial demand and the strong support from all parties, Strike Bio has successfully built an automated R&D platform for synthetic biology Tidetron Tao, established a complete technology system to open up the DBTL cycle of synthetic biology and started the exploration of AI+Science. At present, more than 10 joint R&D projects have been carried out, more than 40 patents have been authorized, the number of substances in the library has exceeded 100, and the demand of more than 100 brands has been bridged, so as to rapidly promote the scientific and technological achievements to serve the industry, and to correspondingly carry out the business layout and product pipeline setup for medical and healthcare, food and nutrition, beauty and personal care, as well as the bulk materials that can affect the people's daily life and environmental safety.

The leaders of the research group fully affirmed the technical and business development advantages of Striker, and indicated that Guangdong Province is accelerating the cultivation of the biomanufacturing industry, and in the future, it will continue to strengthen the exploration and research of synthetic biology-related talents, platforms, industrial policies, etc., so as to better serve the development of the biomanufacturing industry. It is hoped that Positron will continue to base on its technological advantages, adhere to the platform development to open up the upstream and downstream industrial chain, and let more green products and low-carbon technologies enter into thousands of industries, so as to push forward the high-quality development of Guangdong's biomanufacturing industry with all its strengths.

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