AI is about to "mechanically ascend", how far is synthetic biology?

The aim of synthetic biology is to design biological systems that conform to standards, but living systems are highly complex and artificially designed genetic circuits require massive amounts of engineered trial and error and optimization.

The Design-Build-Test-Learn (DBTL) cycle, which is based on engineering design principles and utilizes engineering predictability to control the construction of complex systems, has gradually become a core strategy in synthetic biology.

The rapid advancement of AI technology is like a "new energy" flashing into the DBTL cycle. With the continuous learning ability of massive data and intelligent exploration ability in unknown space, it can carry out efficient gene annotation, protein function prediction, gene line prediction, metabolic network prediction, complex microbial community characterization and so on, which greatly accelerates the efficiency of DBTL cycle.

Although the cross-fertilization of AI and synthetic biology is still in its infancy, various results have emerged from academia and industry.

In order to open up the DBTL cycle of synthetic biology, Ecotron Bio has built the Tidetron Tao automated R&D platform, which contains strain and component libraries, the iTidetron AI engine, and the COMDEL active peptide prediction and mining model, etc., which greatly improves the efficiency of R&D, and links up every step of R&D and production.

Among them, iTidetron AI engine combines artificial intelligence, big data, and bioinformatics technology to build six modules, namely, identification of active substances and strains, controllable gene expression, metabolic pathway design, controllable biosensing, enzyme design and modification, and combination of wet and dry experiments, to overcome R&D problems and drive rapid mass production of substances.

In addition, the COMDEL active peptide prediction and mining model independently developed by Ecotron Bio has the advantages of high accuracy, good stability and wide practicality, which can help realize the breakthrough in the design of new raw materials.

The model covers a variety of active peptide prediction modules, and the first phase of the open AI antimicrobial peptide prediction and mining model will soon be online on the official website of Ecotron Bio, so please look forward to it!

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