2023 Synthetic Biology Update Report! Co-published by MIT Technology Review China x Strontium Biologics

The General Assembly began.Bingran Song, Senior Analyst, DeepTechFirst of all, we would like to explain the "2023 Synthetic Biology All-Link Platform Capacity Building Research Report" jointly released by the two parties.

Through the introduction of the "World's Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies" published by MIT Technology Review over the past 22 years, Song Bingran has sorted out the development lineage of the synthetic biology field, and introduced the core capabilities of the synthetic biology platform capacity building along the whole chain. At the same time, it also shows the related industrial chain that connects the platform capabilities. Through the construction of comprehensive industrial core competence, synthetic biology can better meet the industrial needs of multiple products, multiple industries and multiple fields, and promote innovation and sustainable development.

Prof. Xin Fengxue, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, Nanjing University of Technology, ChinaHe gave a keynote speech on the topic of "Development and application of carotenoid yeast with the help of synthetic biology". He introduced the research idea of carotenoid antioxidant feeding yeast from the three aspects of yeast cell factory creation, fermentation process optimization and efficacy evaluation, and product development, and realized the microbial co-production of carotenoids and proteins through synthetic biology technology, which can play the role of reducing antibiotics and protein substitution, promote the high-quality development of green farming, and solve the problem of "necklace" of feed raw material supply. "The problem of feedstuff supply is solved.

At the same time, Xinfengxue also introduced three aspects of industrialization and application, including the use of waste straw and other synthetic bio-based plastic monomer; artificial mixed bacteria degradation of kitchen waste, the production of organic fertilizers; and the production and application of feed additives astaxanthin.

Wu Junjun, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, School of Bioengineering, Jiangnan UniversityMr. Wang gave a keynote speech on "Synthetic Biology and Multidisciplinary Cross-Integration to Build Novel Cell Factories". He firstly shared the microbial production of medium-chain fatty acids, which can be efficiently produced in two ways, including the integration of biomimetic biology with population sensing system and the mining of new genes or gene clusters through the total microbiome evolution database.

In addition, Junjun Wu illustrated the synthetic biology manufacturing of superb cellular repair proteins as an example of synthetic biotechnology driving the underlying innovation of bioactive raw materials.

Jian Li, Assistant Professor and Researcher, Shanghai University of Science and Technology (SUST)Mr. Li will give a keynote speech on "Cell-free synthetic biology for efficient biosynthesis". Cell-free synthesis is regarded as a new direction of biomanufacturing technology, and Jian Li introduced the use of cell-free system for the total synthesis of complex natural products from scratch; and the use of cell-free system for the synthesis of high value-added compounds in vitro.

He also looked forward to the industrial applications of cell-free synthetic biology. According to Jian Li, the potential directions include cell-free synthesis of high-value proteins, such as antibodies and other pharmaceutical proteins; construction of cell-free rapid synthesis and screening platforms for the discovery of novel target products; and cell-free metabolic engineering for efficient biosynthesis of, for example, complex natural products and high-value-added compounds.

Strontium Biologics, as the representative and co-sponsor of Synthetic Biology Industrialization.Dr. Yirui Wu, Chief Scientist, gave a keynote speech on "The Road to Industrialization: Synthetic Biology Platform and Open Co-creation". He systematically introduced how to industrialize the laboratory results, and how to realize the industrialization of the whole chain layout, to build a synthetic biology industry ecology.

Firstly, Dr. Wu introduced in detail the synthetic biology platform of Ecotron in terms of technology power, productivity, product power and market power; secondly, he shared the current industrial application layout of Ecotron in terms of medicine, food, beauty and security. He pointed out that as the first enterprise in the industry to realize the integration of research, production and marketing, the layout of the whole industrial chain, and sustainable development, Striking Bio is open to integrating the resources of industry, academia and research, and assisting in the transformation of achievements and commercial landing.

Dr. Wu also said that the Synthesis Biology Platform, which links universities, R&D companies and traditional fermentation companies, will play a role as a participant or a bridge to accelerate the process of industrialization of laboratory results, as well as to help develop a low-carbon and sustainable "bio-economy" through raw material supply and technological innovation.

The conference also held a roundtable discussion on the topic of "Building a New Ecology for Synthetic Biology Industry".

Experts and scholars from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiangnan University, Tianjin University, Lanzhou University and other universities and research institutions gathered to discuss the future development of synthetic biology.

Standing at the current time node, the participating experts generally expressed their expectations for the combination of industry and research and the transformation of achievements in the exchange of the roundtable forum.

Strengthening the combination of production and research and realizing the complementary advantages is a necessary way to promote the synthetic biology industry to move forward.

As a synthetic biology platform enterprise, Strike Bio is committed to promoting in-depth cooperation between industry, academia and research, and will continue to provide full-chain solutions for various fields of "medicine, food, beauty and security" by opening up the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and expanding the global cooperation network to build a global ecosystem of the synthetic biology industry together with its partners and move towards the sustainable development of the "bio-age". "Bio-age". Technology is new, everything grows.

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