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They showcase different facets of entrepreneurship.

What is entrepreneurship?

We have many definitions of what it means to be innovative, responsible, humble, honest, socially responsible, and so on. In the days of the "elevator of the times", these five words don't seem to be mentioned often, because the wide range of opportunities and the Beta of the times seem to smooth it out, and the founders just run full steam ahead.But today, and for a long time to come, it is almost no longer possible to simply look to high growth, or even to growth as the solution to all problems.

In August of this year, renowned economist Zhang Weiying published a new book titled "Reconceptualizing Entrepreneurship". These few words accurately summarize the issues that today's business leaders are examining themselves.

Due to the complexity of the environment, the definition of "entrepreneurship" is changing all the time. What semantics should be reinforced in this year's "entrepreneurship"? We present a special roster of 36 People of the Year 2022, who show us different aspects of entrepreneurship.

At the same time, we also pay equal attention to those entrepreneurs who deserve to be seen and innovated this year, and present 10 "Innovative People of the Year Roster".

01 Person of the Year

Person of the Year

1. Cao Dewang, 76, Founder and Chairman of Fuyao Group

Cao Dewang, who is over seventy-five years old, has had more than forty years to focus on making glass and has achieved some sense of extremity - Fuyao Glass is the largest auto glass manufacturer in China and the second largest in the world. He emphasizes the entrepreneur's sense of family and moral responsibility, and believes that entrepreneurs need to adhere to the business path of both righteousness and profit. From this perspective, it is easy to understand why he attributes his life to doing only one thing: making a piece of Chinese glass and funding the first public university founded by entrepreneurs in new China: Fuyao University of Science and Technology.

2. Ding Heimu, 85, founder and chairman of Anta Group

An entrepreneur born in the 1930s, Ding Heimu was a soldier, a farmer and a small businessman, and finally joined the tide of the epoch, opening the way to entrepreneurship and business. In 2019, Anta Group announced that it had completed the acquisition of Amafin Sports, which took Anta's "global dream" one step further.

3. Dong Mingzhu, 68, Chairman of Gree Group

She is the Iron Lady of the Chinese business world and the spokesperson for Made in China. Dong Mingzhu has always been known for her thundering image, and she has led Gree to become a global leader in the field of air conditioning. 2022 is the 32nd year that Dong Mingzhu has entered Gree and fought for it. At the first meeting of the company's 12th board of directors, she was re-elected as chairman of Gree Electric again, which means that in the next three years, Dong will continue to lead Gree and enter new energy, cell phones and other diversified business sections.

4. Gao Dekang, 70, Founder and Chairman of Bosideng Group

More than forty years ago, Bosideng was just a village sewing group with 8 sewing machines, but now it has been the domestic down jacket sales champion for 27 consecutive years. The founder, Mr. Gao Dekang, condensed Bosideng's development into four words: "keeping the righteousness" and "innovation". The founder, Gao Dekang, distilled Bosideng's development into four words: "keeping the right" and "innovation". The old entrepreneur's ability to keep up with the times is leading Bosideng to revive the glory of a national brand.

5. Guo Zhenyu, 58, Chairman and President of Bettany

He was promoted to a tenured professor in the United States at the age of 38, and was a rising academic star; then he decided to return to China to enter the business world, and now his brand "Winona" and his brand "Bethenny" have been widely acclaimed as a national brand. Looking back at his life trajectory, the biggest driving force for several jumps is perhaps the courage to think and do. He once said, "If you think and act, you can dance on the moon."

6. He Xiangjian, 80 years old, founder of Midea Group

If it is said that dare to venture, brave challenge is the general commonality of entrepreneurs, then can do how to hengjian general broad-minded, will be 100 billion private enterprises handed over to professional managers of entrepreneurs, but few - the United States by he hengjian handpicked sage Fang Hongbo to take over, is regarded as a model of family business transformation. He Xiangjian retired behind the scenes, but also enthusiastic in charity, known as "the most dashing entrepreneurs".

7. He Xiaopeng, 45, Chairman of Xiaopeng Automobile and founder of UC

He Xiaopeng, 45, who migrated from the Internet to the car-making field, believes that building a car is as much a blend of rationality and romance as sculpting an Internet product. This year, Xiaopeng's product launch to hit the mid- to high-end market threw He into a storm and brought about a radical organizational change as a result. This is the kind of hammering an entrepreneur has to undergo from the market and the public. Fortunately, although Xiaopeng is facing unprecedented challenges, this is still a battlefield where "the war is far from over.

8. He Yadong, 48, Senior Vice President of Boss Electric

Joining Boss Group in 2000, He Yadong focuses on brand, channel and consumer research. Proficient in marketing management, through more than twenty years of market baptism and the wave of transformation and upgrading of home appliance enterprises, he has led the boss marketing team to maintain high growth in performance. He Yadong has created multiple sales channels, three carriages and other management models, and completed the layout of 15 product categories; he advocates that enterprises should combine product development with social responsibility, and leads the team to develop central range hoods to reduce the pollution of kitchen fumes on the atmosphere; he also leads the team to carry out digital industry transformation, develop digital kitchen cooking solutions, and lead the new wave of innovation and upgrading of China's kitchen industry.

9. Huang Zheng, 42, founder of Pindo and former chairman of Pindo

Huang Zheng, a serial entrepreneur, had led Jindo to stand out from the gap between giants and re-modify the competitive landscape. In September this year, Temu, the cross-border e-commerce platform of Poundland, was officially launched, meaning that it will encounter the cruel situation of several strong rivalries again in the field of going abroad. Perhaps it is more precious for entrepreneurs to be able to go back to the battlefield again and again than to finally win the fruit. As early as a few years ago, Huang Zheng also said in a loud voice: We need to prove that our generation is different from the past in keeping up with the times.

10. Lei Jun 53 years old, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi

Jinshan, Shunwei and Xiaomi, Lei Jun is a man of two identities: entrepreneur and investor, but the same thing is to use "technology to influence the world". But unlike in the past, Lei Jun's annual speech in August this year did not talk about the company and the future, but shared how to go through those low moments in life - since it is difficult to avoid the pain, what we can do is to face the pain, insist on moving forward in the pain, and let the pain shape us better. In the past 500 days, Lei Jun joined the car-making field, which is completely new to him, and is ready to start a brand new journey.

11. Liu Yonghao, 71, Chairman of New Hope Group

Before the age of 20, he spent in rags; after 20, in order to make a living he embarked on the road of entrepreneurship with his three brothers. Raising quail, they did the world's first; do feed, and become China's feed king. As an exemplary figure in the wave of China's economic reform, Liu Yonghao and his siblings have made a world of their own with their hard work and wisdom. Liu Yonghao once said: "Any enterprise has its life cycle, we can only do better, stronger and longer as possible in the limited time. How to ensure that our company's life cycle is longer? Then we need this group of people to go forward and backward to work hard."

12. Li Bin, 48, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Azure

Li Bin, the "big brother" at the helm of a new car company and a "veteran" of successive successful ventures, has invested his entire career and reputation in Azera. Having been on the brink of life and death, Li Bin says, "The tenacity of people who get knocked down and get up again is worth looking forward to." 2022 is a crucial year for both Li Bin and Azera, and if we don't keep up, we risk falling behind. We expect to see Li Bin, who has always been "tough and calm", lead Azera to fight a beautiful turnaround amidst doubts.

13. Li Xiang, 41, Founder, Chairman and CEO of RISO Motors

Whether it is a hybrid program or a large and medium-sized SUV for families, Li Xiang, who has been immersed in the automotive community for a long time, can always give the most suitable automotive products for the Chinese market. This year, Ideal Auto has released several models one after another, and Li has taken another solid step on the road from ideal to reality.

14. Li Xiaojia 61 years old Co-founder and Chairman of Dripfest, former Chief Executive Officer of HKEx

Small stores are the capillaries of the real economy, and Drip Capital, founded by the former CEO of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, is its irrigator. He defines this innovative investment approach as "declining stage equity" and is trying to provide the "best money" for small businessmen in a time of uncertainty. Confidence is the most valuable asset, and he firmly believes that "the bottom of the economy is always the most dynamic, the one that lives and breathes".

15. Li Xiting, 71, Chairman of Meizu Medical

In his late 70s, Xiting Li spent half of his life building what is now the Chinese medical device aircraft carrier, Myriad Medical. Myriad constantly practices the path of independent innovation, giving Chinese medical devices the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with the world. According to Li Xiting, innovation is not only reflected in the level of scientific and technological hard power to overcome difficulties, but also in the enterprise's responsibility to give back to society and benefit society with innovative achievements and models. As of June 2022, Myriad Medical has installed more than 100,000 AEDs in crowded public places, and has successfully treated more than 120 cardiac arrest patients in public places.

16. Li Zhenguo, 54, President and Director of Central Research Institute of LONGi Green Energy, Senior Engineer

With the development of photovoltaic technology, Longi Green Energy, founded by Li Zhenguo, gradually came into the limelight and rocketed upward in the context of the double carbon. But in fact, this is already a company that has been established for 22 years. Under Li's leadership, LONGi Green Energy has been increasing its investment in R&D and trying to broaden its boundaries. In a recent open letter, he said, "In Longi's DNA, every innovation revolution deserves to be recognized; every technology exploration deserves to be respected."

17. Luo Yonghao 50-year-old serial entrepreneur, founder of Thin Red Line

Luo Yonghao is a synonym for "super entrepreneur", a symbol of the spirit of repeated defeat. In 2022, Luo Yonghao is back with his new company "Thin Red Line".

18. Ma Huateng, 51, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Tencent Corporation

Many people feel that in a business world full of imperious, ruthless leaders, Ma Huateng embodies another paradigm of leadership: humble and altruistic. This leadership has also helped Tencent navigate through multiple economic and technological cycles and gradually become a huge company that provides infrastructure. Now Tencent is more like a steady middle-aged man who will go on to emphasize common prosperity, protection of minors, public charity and many other social morals and responsibilities.

19. Qin Yinglin, 57, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shepherd Plains

For Qin Yinglin, social responsibility is never just an obligation of a mature listed company, "the responsibility of a company is not big or small, it should be done". Since he resigned from the pig farming industry in 1992, Qin Yinglin has been putting his responsibility on both shoulders for 30 years and is committed to contributing to the construction of a strong pig farming country in China. Shepherd Plains shares to the world's frontier, with scientific and technological innovation means to constantly optimize pig farming technology, to explore intelligent breeding methods, to promote the sustainable development of the industry, to protect the safety of the Chinese people's tongue.

20. Ren Zhengfei, 78, Director and CEO of Huawei

He has creatively set up the corporate governance law, pioneering the management and development of private enterprises; now, with the changing landscape, he has decisively shrunk his front from the global scale and dared to adopt special strategies in special times to "live with quality". Ren Zhengfei has physically interpreted what Chinese entrepreneurship is, and his entrepreneurial story has inspired countless people.

21.Shen Nanpeng, 55, Managing Partner of Sequoia Global and Founding and Managing Partner of Sequoia China

From the founding of Ctrip and Ruiz, Shen Nanpeng has deeply understood the mystery of business occurrence and operation, and experienced first-hand the hardships and challenges of entrepreneurial growth. Later, he founded Sequoia China and proved that an investment institution can evolve like a business company. When the new era of early investment and technology-led entrepreneurship comes, Shen Nanpeng leads Sequoia Capital China, which has been established for 17 years, to continue to iterate itself and help more entrepreneurs explore the unfinished land of value creation.

22. Sun Piao Yang, 64, Chairman of Hengrui Pharmaceutical

Born as a technician, Sun Piao Yang firmly believes in the importance of technology and R&D. "Without technology, our fate is in the hands of others. We have to hold the fate in our own hands". In 2021, when Hengrui was facing the "darkest moment", Sun Piao Yang, even though he was already in his sixties, was still appointed to take charge of the company, and resolutely opened the road of transformation.

23. Wang Chuanfu, 56, Chairman and President of BYD Group

On the battlefield of new energy vehicles, there is no second company that can master the core technology of the whole industry chain, and "technology maniac" Wang Chuanfu and his BYD have done so. This is perhaps the best model for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises in the hard-core era, with technological innovation driving brand development. After becoming the world's largest electric car manufacturer, BYD is becoming the leader of the new generation of Chinese manufacturing.

24. Wang Shi, 71, Founder of Vanke Group, Founder of Shamrock Group

Wang Shi is a witness and beneficiary of over 70 years of reform and opening up in new China. After leaving Vanke, he has been active in climbing, boating, public welfare, and opening up the business of big health section. In April this year, his company, Shamrock, launched the application for SPAC listing and formally submitted the form to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, launching two major fields of investment: green technology and environmental protection consumer goods and services.

25. Wang Tao, 42, Founder and Chairman of DJI Innovation Technology

This young tech entrepreneur has created a track out of thin air in just a few years: consumer-grade drones. What's even more amazing than that is his persona. He can be as blunt as saying "the world is too stupid" or as stubborn as the tightness of each screw. His thirst for cleverness and perfection has made DJI, the world's largest drone manufacturer, what it is today.

26. Wang Wei, 52, Founder and President of SF Express

Wang Wei has always been highly praised for his ability to make decisions with vigor and judgment, as well as for his integrity and humble business ethics. The external impression of Wang Wei is mostly low-key and introverted: he seems to prefer to devote more energy to strategic thinking and implementation than to high-sounding speeches, which is a high fit with the core spirit of "action" practiced within Shunfeng. It has become a part of our life, and it is also widening the ceiling of the express industry.

27. Wang Xing, 43, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Meituan

Whether take-out, fresh food, or travel, travel, Meituan has long been a ubiquitous presence in life. The cornerstone of such a huge empire comes from Wang Xing's constant thinking. Wang Xing is one of the shining lights of the Internet era with many heroes. He has not only given many demonstrations of business practices, but also given many unique thinking frameworks and business insights. In the third quarter of this year, Meituan delivered a profit answer sheet that exceeded expectations. At a time when traffic is drying up and uncertainty is increasing steeply, Wang Xing is leading Meituan to gradually approach the essence of the business world - profit and cash flow.

28. Xu Lei, 48, CEO of Jingdong Group

A few months ago, Xu Lei became the CEO of Jingdong Group - a rocky marketer who joined Jingdong for many years and arrived at his current position after holding several key positions in the group and delivering satisfactory results. At this year's Wuzhen Internet Conference, Xu Lei said that the global supply chain is "in crisis" and that digital means to upgrade the traditional industrial chain of new physical enterprises will become more important.

29. Xu Yangtian, 38, founder of SHEIN, Inc.

It was not until the wave of going abroad that people found out that Xu Yangtian and his company SHEIN, which was always shrouded in mystery in China, had already made a bloody path in the overseas fast fashion battlefield where giants were standing. The company's "precision marketing" and "small orders and quick returns" are the collective wisdom of China's big e-commerce era. It is a concentrated manifestation of China's supply chain advantages and the result of the new generation of entrepreneurs' extreme pursuit of innovation and efficiency.

30. Yu Minhong, 60, Chairman and President of New Oriental

Yu Minhong's optimism is a choice: it is the persistence of believing in the sunshine despite having seen the cruel truth of the world; it is the perseverance of burying his head in the sand while everyone is screaming for help; it is the indomitable way of leading his team to break through the cracks when the industry is up and down and the enterprise is on the edge of life and death. 2022, the Oriental Selection was launched, and Yu Minhong is proving with practical actions that there is no The word "blame" is not in his life dictionary. We can always believe in Yu Minhong.

31. Zeng Yuqun, 54, Founder and Chairman of Ningde Times

The office motto changed from "strong in gambling" to "Pu Bo Yuan Quan", which means "wisdom is as unfathomable as spring and abyss", behind is born in Ningde City, Fujian Province, the son of a humble family. Zeng Yuqun, seizing the dividend of the turbulent new energy era, brought Ningde Times to the position of the world's largest power battery manufacturer. His lament that "it is not enough to fight, it is physical work; gambling is mental work" explains from one side that the entrepreneurial spirit not only contains the adventurous spirit of knowing that there is a tiger on the mountain, but also is a cruel battle of the mind at the same time.

32. Zhang Lei, 50, founder of High Tide

Overturn is probably one of the most unusual and difficult to replicate investment institutions. In this year's wave of primary market early-stage investment, High Tide launched Aseed+ seed business, trying to create a "High Tide" early-stage investment strategy: co-creation. For Zhang Lei, who believes in "we are entrepreneurs who happen to be investors", such a unique approach seems to be the right thing to do. In the past two years, Overturn is also actively laying out ESG, and "sustainable future" has become a word repeatedly mentioned by Zhang Lei in several speeches.

33. Lei Zhang, 46, Founder and CEO of Vision Energy

From the word "Vision Energy", we can read the ambition of founder Zhang Lei. Facing challenges head-on and solving them is his hallmark, and he has aptly incorporated this challenger spirit into Vision's corporate culture. In his view, a sustainable future for humanity is the most worthy challenge to be solved, and the wind power giant at his helm is moving toward that goal.

34. Zhang Yiming 39 years old Founder of Byte Jumping

Nearing the end of his life, Zhang Yiming is still watched by the world. Headlines, Jitterbit, TikTok and other products have profoundly changed the way a generation accesses information, and allowed the innovation, aggressiveness and achievements of China's mobile Internet to be seen in the right light. Coming out of the era of brutal growth of the Internet, he has now stepped down as CEO and Chairman of ByteBeat to devote himself to new adventures.

35. Zhang Yong, 50, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Alibaba

The rise of Ali is attributed to the opportunities of the times and the large Chinese market, while Zhang Yong has shouldered the responsibility of helming Ali, which is attributed to his diligent and realistic leadership team to win one battle after another. As times change, how to use digital technology to root and empower the real economy? How to further help SMEs and promote industrial transformation? How to use the business energy accumulated in the past 20 years to practice social responsibility? This will be the next test that Zhang Yong and even Ali will meet.

36.Zhong furtively glance 68 years old, founder and chairman of Nongfu Mountain Spring, chairman of Wantai Bio

Behind a bottle of mineral water that all Chinese people have drunk is a low-key, stubborn founder who knows the way of marketing - Zhong furtively, like a lone wolf, always ready to fight. He has not only injected "Nongfu Mountain Spring is a little sweet" into the memory of a generation, but also researched and innovated in the beverage industry, which is extremely difficult. From a mason to a journalist, and then to the king of water sales, and now the "richest man in the country". Zhong glittering proof of what is called "groveling into the situation".

02 Innovative People of the Year

Innovator of the Year

1. Han Xu, Founder and CEO of Wenyuan Zhixing WeRide

Former Chief Scientist of Baidu Autonomous Driving, PhD from the University of Illinois, tenured professor at the University of Missouri, Director of the Computer Vision and Machine Learning Lab, presided over the development of DeepSpeech2, which was named one of the top 10 technology breakthroughs of 2016 by MIT Tech Review, expert on the review board of the US Natural Science Foundation (NSF), and currently leads Wenyuan Zhixing WeRide , as CEO and co-founder-.

2. Huang Yuqing Founder and CEO of Magenta Technology

Founder and CEO of Maga Technology, he has worked for the head organization in China's test and measurement field, and has deep practical experience in industrial automation R&D and electronic measurement field, with deep understanding and forward-looking insight of globalization, cross-industry management and entrepreneurship.

3.Lan Xi Founder and CEO of decibelcom

He has 13 years of experience in corporate management and capital markets. He was an executive director and head of the finance group at IDG Capital, where he invested in a series of high-quality projects such as 360 Finance, Piggy Bank, Easyfund, and Moneybags. Prior to that, he worked in the investment banking department of CICC in Hong Kong and Jingdong Mall, where he led a number of domestic and international IPO, debt issuance and M&A projects for Chinese companies.

4. Peng Yao, Founder and CEO of Flash Horse Intelligence

As the founder of "AI+Transportation" track leader, Peng Yao has more than ten years of experience in cloud computing, AI research and intelligent product innovation. He creatively proposed the theory of "five spaces" intelligent management of the city, through the whole chain of information technology, cloud computing and space intelligent management, leading AI cutting-edge research and commercialization. Under Peng Yao's leadership, the business of Flash Horse Intelligence covers nearly 400 cities and counties across China, creating great value for social and economic development and people's better life.

5.Wenfeng Sang, Founder and CEO of Shenze Data

After graduating from Zhejiang University in 2007, he joined Baidu for 8 years and built Baidu's user log big data platform from scratch, serving as the technical manager of the big data department.

6. Ray Wang, Founder and CEO of Zhenghao Ecoflow

Ray Wang, a science and engineering bully, founded Ecoflow, an energy storage unicorn valued at over $1 billion, which can achieve 1.6 hours when similar competitors charge hundreds of watts of batteries in 10-20 hours. He has led a historic breakthrough in drone endurance at DJI and is seen as a Game Changer - an industry changer. He has also experienced the darkest period of selling one or even losing one, but he firmly believes that the direction is right and that "good technology can and should serve everyone". Today, the EcoFlow has become the Game Changer in the outdoor energy storage field, proving that Chinese products can make disruptive innovations and get high market pricing.

7. Yu Hao, Founder and CEO of Chasing Technology

Graduated from Tsinghua University majoring in aerospace, he is the earliest quadrotor developer and tri-rotor inventor in China, and also the founder of Tsinghua University "Skyworks". Yu Hao believes that "core technology is the root of everything", and led the team to breakthrough from the core technology monopolized by foreign countries, self-research high-speed digital motor, motor speed increased to 200,000 rpm. 2020, the pursuit of self-built intelligent factory, and gradually realize unmanned automated production line for the production of motors, breaking the manufacturing bottleneck. .

8.Yu Huigen Founder, Chairman and General Manager of Weilan New Energy

D. in Innovation Leadership Engineering from Tsinghua University, was the chief battery engineer of a famous new energy vehicle company, has been in the lithium-ion battery industry for more than 25 years, and has a long working experience in the field of materials, cells, PACK and matching design of power battery system and the whole vehicle, Consumer electronics, special industries and other fields.

9.Zhiqian Zhang Founder of State Creations

After 95 years of medical doctoral students in Zhongshan Medical College, he has been engaged in basic medical and biological research for many years, and his foundingStattron Bio--Adhering to the concept of "everything grows", we focus on the field of synthetic biotechnology innovation, providing integrated solutions for research and development to meet the demand for green and high-quality raw materials in various industries, and building an environmentally friendly and efficient production method to achieve the goal of "carbon neutrality". The "fast reverse" system formed by the exclusive technology of Statekind Biotech has solved the problem of "neck" in the application of synthetic biology research results, and is a noteworthy synthetic biology newcomer.

10.Haoqian Zhang Co-founder and CEO of Blue Crystal Microorganisms

In 2016, Haoqian Zhang, PhD in Integrated Life Sciences (Physics) from Peking University, and Teng Li, PhD in Synthetic Biology and Biomaterials from Tsinghua University, co-founded Blue Crystal Microorganisms as one of the first science creators in China to cross over into the field of synthetic biology. The road to incubating an ideal is full of challenges, but Haoqian Zhang has always dared to do the right thing rather than the easy thing. After 6 years of development, Bluechip Microbiology has been exploring and innovating in the field of molecules and materials, and its first product pipeline of 10,000-ton plant is about to be put into production. With the leading R&D and implementation capabilities, Bluechip Microbiology has become a force to be reckoned with in the field of synthetic biology in China.

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