The "universal rule" is here! Efficient and accurate determination of multiple palmitoyl peptides by Strontium HPLC technology

Palmitoyl group is a special group added to peptide molecules, and its incorporation can significantly improve the skin permeability and stability of peptides. Therefore, palmitoyl peptides are used as efficacious ingredients in skin care cosmetics.

It is also precisely because palmitoyl peptides have an additional palmitoyl modification compared to normal peptides that their own properties have changed considerably, and the usual peptide analytical methods are no longer applicable to palmitoyl peptides.

In addition, there are few existing techniques that use a common HPLC method for the continuous analysis and determination of multiple palmitoyl peptides. Generally, each peptide corresponds to a dedicated method, which not only makes mobile phase preparation cumbersome, but also requires a wide variety of reagents, which requires a large investment in terms of both management and space required.

Furthermore, in order to improve the peak shape and separation effect of the chromatographic peaks, trifluoroacetic acid is often added to the mobile phase in the existing technology. This leads to residual acids (e.g., trifluoroacetic acid) in the final palmitoyl peptide product, which is acidic and produces a pronounced acidic odor, and the stability is also affected. Normal chromatographic columns are even more incapable of withstanding strong acids, and reinforced columns are required.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for a more versatile high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method, which is not only suitable for more types of palmitoyl peptides, but also provides more accurate standard curves for the determination of palmitoyl peptides in samples with unknown concentrations, and ultimately realizes accurate and efficient determination.

For this purpose, the R&D team of Strike Bio has developed "An HPLC analytical method for continuous analysis of multiple palmitoyl peptides" and has obtained the relevant patent authorization.

This technology unifies the analysis of multiple palmitoyl peptides, which greatly saves the time for mobile phase preparation and the waiting time for switching peptide analyses. At the same time, it can also save the space occupied by mobile phase storage and chromatographic vial storage, and the labor consumption during the preparation and switching process, which is more conducive to the realization of the whole process automation.

Specifically, the analysis of different palmitoyl peptides can be realized without changing the chromatographic columns, only cleaning the columns, changing the detection wavelengths, changing the temperature of the columns, and reformulating the mobile phases and degassing, and the analysis and purity calculation of a variety of palmitoyl peptides can be realized.

The peak shape was also improved, and the theoretical plate number was dramatically increased when the column length was the same without the addition of trifluoroacetic acid, thus obtaining a more accurate linear graph, providing a more accurate standard curve for the determination of palmitoyl peptides in unknown samples, and realizing the calibration of multiple palmitoyl peptides of unknown concentration in a continuous manner.

After solvent debugging and over-column innovation, the versatility of this technology has been well validated for the detection of palmitoyl peptides such as palmitoyltripeptide-1, palmitoyltripeptide-5, palmitoyltripeptide-8, palmitoyltetrapeptide-7, palmitoylpentapeptide-4, etc., and it is possible to measure a large number of samples in succession to satisfy the demand for batch measurements in the industry.

This technology is equipped in the Tidetron HP Detect system, which is used throughout the various stages of the birth of pure beauty ingredients, such as strain construction, fermentation, purification, etc., so that the quality of products is strictly controlled from the R&D end; combined with the Tidetron Tao automated research and development platform, it can fulfill 4,000-5,000 testing needs per month, and test more than 100 types of substances.

In addition to the ultra-precise detection system, based on the accumulation of R&D and production advantages in the field of synthetic biology pure skin care, Strike Bio has taken the lead in the industry to build a whole chain of pure skin care services from the development of raw materials to the end products, and with the innovation of raw material research and development and application, it will work with its partners in the beauty industry to open up a new pattern of beauty industry with high standard and high quality development.

Everything grows and foresees a better future.

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