36Krypton|State-Creative Biology Expands Synthetic Biological PBS Product Line, Lands in Guangzhou with Trial Production Expected Within the Year

36 KR learned that the synthetic biology enterprise "State chuang" recently launched the commodity PBS (polybutanediol succinate) project, in cooperation with the team of Jiang Min, professor and doctoral supervisor of Nanjing University of Technology, and plans to set up in Guangzhou. The technology of biosynthesis of succinic acid is introduced by stucco, including the construction of succinic acid production strain, the culture and fermentation process of strain, and the purification process of succinic acid.

Bio -base PBS is a biodegradable plastic that can be applied to disposable tableware, cosmetics bottles, medicine bottles and other scenarios. Because the biological PBS can be degraded into H2O and CO2 and other substances under the action of bacterial or enzymes, it is harmless to the environment. In the environment of carbon neutrality, it is favored by international giants. Enter the field of general plastics. In the past, due to the high cost, biological PBS failed to enter the market within a certain stage.

The biological base PBS is based on the biological basin dilate acid \ biological basin bilate as the raw material. Nanjing University of Technology has long -term technical accumulation on the biological synthesis of bio -based PBS core raw materials, namely Disadic acid. The cultivation process of the body can achieve "one -step anaerobic", orbadic acid concentration> 70 g/L; the use of carbon capture technology can realize the production of carbon dioxide fixed 0.37 kg of dicenic acid.

Another raw material for the production of PBS for the production and development of the biological biological method is 1,4-bio-BDO (BIO-BDO), and it is expected to be tried in the third quarter of 2022. At present, the domestic BDO production is mainly petroleum base. The biological base BDO currently has 65,000 tons/year multi -production capacity in the world. The NOVAMONT in Italy and the Basf, Germany 30,000 tons per year. Due to the high technical barriers, it is mainly concentrated in Germany, the United States, Japan and China.

In terms of technological cooperation, the gesture creatures will apply the scientific research achievements of Nanjing University of Technology to industrial production through platform mass production technology, and further optimize the process.

Established in February 2021, the state -owned creature was announced in March this year. It has announced the completion of over 100 million US dollars of A+round of financing. Previously, the substances of consumer application scenarios such as small molecular peptides and moss glycol have been mass -produced. According to the founder Zhang Zhigan, the state -owned creature income in 2021 is nearly 100 million yuan, and it is expected to complete the revenue of hundreds of millions of yuan in 2022.

In response to the commercialization goals of the Grand PBS project, the state -founded biological plan first runs the cost of mass production of PBS to optimize the cost of mass production, and starts providing sample performance tests at the end of the year.

In 2021, the PBS market size was about 1.51 billion yuan. It is estimated that from 2021 to 2026, the market will increase with a compound annual compound growth of 14.9%. It is expected that the market size will reach about 3 billion yuan in 2026. Starting on June 1, the two national standards of "Biodegraded Plastic and Product Degradation Performance and Logic Requirements" and "Biodegradable Drinking Straw" are officially implemented. Under the policy orientation, biodegradable plastic industries have become the field of corporate competition.

Article source:https://baijiahao.baidu.com/s?id=1735660290613744570&wfr=spider&for=pc

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