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  Ten tracks and 365 new economy companies of the year, a tribute to the innovative spirit of all new economy fields!

  After a long journey of innovation, China's economy, a huge ship of 10,000 tons, has long been standing in the center of the world stage. A number of outstanding local entrepreneurs, with their strong creativity and perseverance, have achieved one "first" after another.

  New economy enterprises, a bright pearl in China's economic innovation map, let the waves lap, but more and more dazzling. Artificial intelligence, Internet, big data, smart manufacturing, chips and semiconductors, new national goods, green energy and other innovative economic forms have become the driving engine of industrial innovation in the new period of high quality development as the economy shifts gears from high speed development. According to the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology, China's digital economy will reach 45.5 trillion yuan in 2021, more than doubling the size of the "13th Five-Year Plan".

  The upcoming 2022 is an extraordinary year for new economy companies. 36 Krypton has found in its industry-wide research over the past period that innovation in various industries faces certain resistance and challenges in the face of a complex market environment.

  Are you still long on China? Will you still put all your energy into making the cake bigger?

  Do you still believe in the huge economic growth possibilities that this market holds?

  Over the past twelve years, 36 Krypton has accompanied and witnessed the amazing growth of new economy companies, and continues to record every single, even small, innovative move. This past year, we are pleased to see that there are still many new "milestone moments": "China's short video user scale reached 962 million", "the number of 5G base stations exceeded 2.22 million ", "In the first 10 months of this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles have exceeded 5 million units" 。。。。。

  With the theme of "Long China Long Innovation, Watching China Keeping Innovation", the "WISE2022 King of New Economy" conference organized by 36 Krypton was held on November 29-30. The conference will be held from November 29th to 30th, inviting new economy enterprises and industry elites to discuss and witness the new economy enterprises continue to penetrate into the smallest branches of various industries.

  In October, 36 Krypton launched the "WISE2022 King of New Economy Enterprise of the Year" research series, focusing on the ten hot tracks of cutting-edge technology, enterprise services, consumer life, auto travel, cross-border services, health, green energy, chips and semiconductors, advanced manufacturing, culture and content, to discover the leaders of new economic innovation. . Through multiple rounds of selection of nearly 1,000 applications and the opinions of a professional jury, 36 Krypton has officially released the results of the "WISE2022 King of the New Economy Enterprise of the Year" research series.

  The following are the detailed results of the "WISE2022 King of the New Economy Enterprise of the Year" series:

  1、Frontier technology

  Long cycle of hard science and technology, the heat has not been encountered for many years

  The frontier technology track has both the most hard-core hard technology and also hides the pearl that will shine perhaps twenty years later.

  At the beginning of this year, hard technology has become a must for many TMT investors, and the heat of several subdivision tracks has not been seen for years. Take the commercial space track as an example, rockets, satellites, measurement and transportation control and other sub-sectors have ushered in an open door. With the boost of capital, the innovative ability of startups has been explored to the extreme. According to public data, in 2021, China launched a total of 36 commercial satellites. And so far this year, the number of commercial satellite launches has reached 83.

  Hard technology needs to be verified by a long cycle, and the venture capital market is particularly active in 2022: the young controlled fusion field has gained a high level of capital attention; quantum computing has regained its fervor, with several companies receiving large amounts of funding again; AIGC has allowed artificial intelligence to break the circle again, waiting to turn over the 2.0 era of AI.

  Frontier technology is never a stand-alone track, and there are many different business logics intertwined. 36 Krypton hopes that in this research, together with the explorers in the industry, we can traverse the cycle and look ahead.

  The following are the "WISE2022 King of the New Economy Frontier Technology Companies of the Year":

  WISE2022 King of the New Economy Company of the Year in Frontier Technology

  2、Enterprise service

  Calm in, more pragmatic

  Few people expected that the enterprise service track would usher in a "snowy moment" this year.

  2022 is the calmest year in the primary market since 2014, the "first year of corporate services". The total number of funding events in the enterprise service track this year is lower than any other year in the past eight years. It is cooler in every dimension: clients are cutting back on budgets, VCs/PEs are on the sidelines, and companies are dying.

  This is also the most pragmatic year for corporate services people. Enhancing product strength, finding market cuts, exploring ways to grow ...... thinking and transformation, breakthroughs and transformations have become common themes for every active and innovative corporate services company.

  The fire in the snow and wind is the warmest. These enterprise service track startups have not only experienced the fickle years, but also found their own rhythm in the midst of doubts, and their insistence on the "long-termism" of the enterprise service track is very impressive.

  The following are the "WISE2022 King of the New Economy Enterprise Services Companies of the Year":

  WISE2022 King of the New Economy Enterprise Service Sector Company of the Year

  3、Consumer life

  Everyone is trying to get through the cycle, but the "secret weapon" is not everyone has

  After two consecutive years of explosion of new brands, the cooling of the capital market this year came suddenly. Some new entrants may still be struggling to adapt to the rapid change of pace, but those who have experienced multiple rounds of consumer cycles, more calm and relaxed, from the battlefield of valuable experience, is their "secret weapon" to cross the cycle.

  This year's consumer investment and financing cooled down significantly, but the investment still continued to happen, only that the attention shifted to new materials, sports and outdoor, healthy life, industrial chain transformation, technology food, etc., practicing their long-termism. Some head brands are active in the capital market with the new role of "CVC", investing and incubating their own "second curve".

  The change of consumption channels continues, live streaming, short video and behind the Jieyin, Xiaohongshu, opened a new window for brands to interact with users and open the market, and launched an impact on the original brand pattern and industry chain.

  Uncertainty means challenges, but also new opportunities for organizational change. But in a time when "selling is king", it is not often that entrepreneurs find this window of opportunity, and this is where the real barrier to entry in the consumer market lies. In any case, this hotbed of world-class consumer brands needs more "new national products".

  Over the past year, 36 Krypton has continued to witness and record all the changes that have taken place in the consumer market. These active entrepreneurs make up the most fleshed out portrait of consumer life this year.

  The following are the "WISE2022 King of the New Economy Consumer Lifestyle Companies of the Year":

  WISE2022 King of New Economy Consumer Life Sector Company of the Year

  4、Car travel

  Strange Soldiers Strike

  Scale has always been king in the automotive industry, and since 2022, mass production and delivery has become an industry-wide consensus.

  Tesla continues to lead the way, hitting a million units of production capacity in the domestic market, the head of the new car-making team, has also begun to desensitize the monthly sales of more than 10,000 cars, the pursuit of higher goals, and for this reason in the industry chain on the battery, chip and other extensive layout. The old car companies are a strong turn, represented by BYD, a force, the impact of the national new energy half of the market, technology giants Huawei, Xiaomi, Baidu also radical entry, become the industry strangulation war of the other way the odd soldier.

  The centripetal force of the terminal industry has driven the parts companies to see the course, the domestic chip company Horizon, LIDAR company WoSai Technology, Suteng Polytron, as well as a large number of autonomous driving companies, have begun to focus on mass production, shaping the supply chain, and ensuring volume delivery.

  Of course, the industry chain black swans are also constantly emerging, including battery price spikes, chip shortages, and production disruptions caused by epidemics.

  For new energy vehicle practitioners, in the new and old industry alternation, challenges may be the norm in the future, and the process of coping and overcoming challenges is the path to industry renewal.

  The following are the "WISE2022 King of the New Economy Car Mobility Companies of the Year":

  WISE2022 King of the New Economy Auto Mobility Company of the Year

  5、Cross-border services

  Gold Digger's HARD model

  2022 is a year of extreme change for the cross-border e-commerce industry.

  After 2021's Amazon seal and soaring ocean freight rates, there are no signs of a rebound in the cross-border e-commerce industry. Despite the sharp drop in freight rates this year, it has been followed by a weakening of overseas online consumer demand. On the one hand, the recovery of overseas offline consumption has returned the previously frenzied online consumption to normal; on the other hand, the previous consumption wave has overdrawn the demand for household and electrical products.

  This also indicates that the era of cross-border e-commerce, which once "could make money lying down", has passed. In the new period of tight traffic and high costs, to hold on to the basic plate of cross-border, business owners are bound to convert the branding and refinement of operational ideas.

  In fact, the industry has never stopped exploring about branding, but it is always the HARD model that really makes a good brand. This requires deep insight of brand owners, and more relevant infrastructure to escort the fulfillment service. In the meantime, a large number of new opportunities in the service industry have burst out, such as cross-border logistics, cross-border payment, SaaS tools, marketing services and other cross-border service platforms.

  Whenever a new opportunity arises, gold diggers flock to it, and the industry cycle is one big wave after another. 36 Krypton has tried to find the best model for the cross-border service industry by visiting and observing a lot of people and combining the core demands of the industry.

  The following are the "WISE2022 King of the New Economy Cross-Border Services Companies of the Year":

  WISE2022 King of the New Economy Cross-border Service Sector Company of the Year

  6、Big Health

  Bubble clearing and valuation reshaping

  In 2022, the medical health track has seen some sinking of air pressure in the capital market. Biopharmaceuticals, high-value consumables, in vitro diagnostics and other fields are experiencing the process of bubble clearing and valuation reshaping. Medical investment and financing become more cautious, and the industry tends to be rational and calm.

  In just seven years, China's biopharmaceutical industry has gone through the important journey of the new pharmaceutical policy in 2015, the Hong Kong stock 18A policy in 2018, and the opening of the science and technology innovation board, as well as the ups and downs of innovative drug negotiations and the raising of the threshold for new drug listings, and innovative drug companies are trying to get out of the quagmire of homogeneous competition. mRNA vaccines, ADC drugs, cellular gene therapy and other frontier directions, there is no shortage of first-class companies that are jumping on the market. In the future, only truly high-quality innovative drugs that can show superior efficacy in head-to-head trials will be able to stand out in the Chinese market and even in the competition at sea.

  Benefiting from the development of biopharmaceutical industry, in the upstream supply chain market of biopharmaceuticals, the demand for raw materials and equipment required for laboratory research and industrial production stages is expanding; the process of domestic substitution is also accelerating in the context of strengthening the internal cycle. As the "water seller" of innovative R&D, the boom of China's CRO/CDMO and other pharmaceutical outsourcing services industry is also on the rise in 2022, especially the CDMO business in the field of gene cells shows high growth.

  In 2022, the medical device collection policy will be mature and moderate, and the medical insurance aspect will also leave price space for innovative medical devices, and the valuation of high-value consumables and IVD segment is expected to be reshaped. With the support of subsidized loan policy, the new medical infrastructure will inject new vitality into the medical device market. Digital and intelligent technologies are also becoming a stirring new force.

  The following are the "WISE2022 King of the New Economy Health Sector Companies of the Year":

  WISE2022 King of New Economy Company of the Year in Health

  7、Green energy

  Green Energy opens the first year of industrial heyday

  Most of the renewable energy alternative upgrades used to stay on paper, but in recent years, market changes and continued policy push have made the transition process speed up across the board.

  On the one hand, the impact of the Russia-Ukraine incident, European energy costs and electricity prices climbing, household PV distribution and storage demand is rising, coupled with the promotion of domestic dual carbon goals, 2022, the domestic PV industry ushered in greater opportunities.

  As a supporting system of photovoltaic, the energy storage market also ushered in an explosive period. hundreds of new companies related to energy storage have been established since 2022, and many central enterprises have participated in the investment, and the trillion energy storage industry has entered a period of rapid growth under the promotion of relevant policies. On the other hand, along with the industrial demand of hydrogen energy application, the policies related to hydrogen energy in many places will be introduced intensively in 2022, which will actively seize the "new track" of hydrogen energy development.

  From scenario application to the whole industry chain production system, China's green energy industry is becoming more mature in 2022.

  The following are the "WISE2022 King of the New Economy Green Energy Sector Companies of the Year":

  8、Chip semiconductor

  Standing on the shoulders of giants and moving forward

  How does a small chip restrict the lifeblood and throat of countless cutting-edge industries? The answer to this question has become increasingly clear over time.

  Although semiconductor is an industry that is difficult to replicate the path of success of the giants, we are standing on the shoulders of giants to continue to move forward. After several storms, China's semiconductor industry has fully realized the importance of a self-sustaining local supply chain.

  In 2022, China's semiconductor industry still has two important propositions, one is to seek innovation under Moore's Law and giant barriers, which are constantly approaching the physical limit, and the other is to survive under various internal and external environmental challenges such as "lack of core" and sluggish growth of terminal downstream demand.

  In the early startup track, we see more and more industry veterans joining the EDA design tools, semiconductor equipment, high-performance analog chips and core components, etc. to "bend" to accelerate catching up with the giants, while there are also many new domestic GPU products released one after another, showing China's emerging power in the global market.

  In the semiconductor capital market, according to public information disclosure, there were 318 financing events in the semiconductor industry in the first half of this year, with a financing scale of 79.746 billion yuan. Not only that, more and more semiconductor companies are successfully listed in A-share.

  The long industry cycle characteristics of the semiconductor industry, from the very beginning is destined to be a need to endure the lonely road. The road is full of thorns and challenges, and it may be difficult to see the end, but every participant who is bravely moving forward deserves our respect.

  The following are the "WISE2022 King of the New Economy Chip & Semiconductor Companies of the Year":

  WISE2022 King of the New Economy Chip & Semiconductor Sector Company of the Year

  9、Advanced manufacturing

  Domestic substitution gradually deepened

  The development of the real economy can not be separated from the support of advanced manufacturing.

  Advanced manufacturing is an important tool for building the real economy, and the smart factory is its presentation form. We can understand the smart factory as, in the production process, the production line pursues automation, intelligence and refinement, and the transfer link can accelerate the flow and transportation with the help of AGV and other products; promote the improvement of production quality through more refined equipment; monitor the production process through machine vision, sensors and other sensing equipment, and do intelligent warning for the production link; control the overall operation data and production data through CIM, MES and other industrial Through CIM, MES industrial software to control the overall operation data and production data of the whole factory.

  In the field of hardware, the general logic of industrial development is that the local substitution of industrial hardware is deepening layer by layer in the industry chain. Initially, enterprises like Foxconn contracted national foundry to provide the customer resources needed for equipment localization; labor shortage gave birth to the development of machines and machine vision; refined production promoted the maturity of intelligent equipment; hardware equipment development in turn laid the foundation for the localization of core components.

  As the "eyes" of robots, machine vision was first developed with the east wind of industrial robots. 2022, machine vision is based on the transition from 2D to 3D, deep into the industry, based on the understanding of the scene to provide services. 2022 since, machine vision class of companies have received successive financing.

  Industrial equipment and components, in the domestic replacement demand also received rapid growth, become the focus of capital investment in 2022. Such as semiconductor equipment enterprises, robot internal joints, reducers, motors, equipment required for laser products, car wire control chassis, intelligent flexibility, air suspension, etc., began to become the direction of domestic capital concerns, the core components localization process accelerated.

  The following are the "WISE2022 King of the New Economy Advanced Manufacturing Companies of the Year":

  WISE2022 King of the New Economy Advanced Manufacturing Company of the Year

  10、Culture and content

  900 million+ short video users, booming digital content

  As early as the end of 2021, Chinese short video users have exceeded 900 million. By 2022, short video platforms expand their content business landscape, bringing new content forms such as e-commerce with goods and online concerts to users, enriching the applicable scenarios and economic value of video interaction.

  The continued rise in the concept of games and metaverse has also made digital content more diverse. The metaverse, which complements games, is also delivering deep cultural values in the form of new experiences.

  As the Internet era faces changes, both traditional video-based and mixed reality content formats reflect the fact that Internet majors and startups have never stopped exploring the future. In addition to this research, 36 Krypton will also share more about the dynamics of the metaverse at the "WISE2022 King of the New Economy" conference. Let's wait and see where the future of digital content and cultural communication will take us.

  The following are the "WISE2022 King of the New Economy Culture and Content Companies of the Year":

  WISE2022 King of the New Economy Culture and Content Sector Company of the Year

  In order to present the full picture of new economy companies in different stages and different innovation dimensions, in addition to the aforementioned "WISE2022 King of New Economy Companies of the Year", we also launch "WISE2022 King of New Economy High Growth Companies of the Year" and "WISE2022 King of New Economy King of the New Economy: Open Companies of the Year" to witness these "growth wonders" and "industry innovation pioneers".

  The following is the "WISE2022 King of the New Economy Roster of High Growth New Economy Companies of the Year":

  WISE2022 King of New Economy Roster of New Economy High Growth Companies of the Year

  The following is the "WISE2022 King of the New Economy Open Innovation Company of the Year Roster":

  WISE2022 King of the New Economy Open Innovation Company of the Year Roster

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