"Double" lead! New group standard for ergothioneine and synthetic peptide of Stochastic Bio put into practice

In recent years, multifunctional peptides (including oligopeptides and polypeptides) have become the "favorite" of the 30+ high purchasing power group, and ergothioneine is also known as the "growth star" of efficacious skin care ingredients. However, due to the lack of standards, the quality of these ingredients on the market varies, and the phenomenon of substituting the best for the best.

The "cosmetic raw materials ergothioneine" group standard for the first time specified ergothioneine as a cosmetic raw materials, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, labeling and packaging, storage and shelf life of industry standards.

The "Cosmetic Raw Materials Synthetic Peptides" group standard specifies in detail the terms and definitions, abbreviations, peptide classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and other specific standards for cosmetic raw materials synthetic peptides. This provides reference for the R&D and production of peptide raw materials and efficacy evaluation of enterprises, and will also help China's peptide track to further standardize its development.

As one of the first synthetic biology platforms in the world to realize multi-substance mass production, Strike Bio has accumulated a wealth of patented technologies and is well-equipped with both R&D and mass production capabilities. At present, we have applied for nearly 100 patents (more than 20 have been authorized) and published more than 10 SCI papers.

Relying on Tidetron Tao's automated R&D platform and its own intelligent factory with an annual capacity of 10,000 tons, Stictron produced high-purity L-type ergothioneine with a biosynthesis process with a rotational detection of (+)123°; the maximal DPPH radical scavenging rate reaches 91.671 TP3T.

In terms of peptides, with the patented technology of directed peptide tag evolution, Striker has further built up a rare and perfect small molecule peptide synthesis system in China, with nearly 20 high-quality small molecule peptides on sale, which opens up a new way of peptide biosynthesis and industrialized application in China.

In addition, in the research and application center of Strike Bio, we have built a 3F comprehensive research system integrating basic research, formulation research and application, and compliance quality control. From the R&D end, we strictly control the quality of our products and endorse them for quality control.

At present, based on the accumulation of R&D and production advantages in the field of synthetic biology pure skin beauty, Strike Bio has taken the lead in the industry to build a whole chain of pure skin beauty services from raw material development to end products.

Along with the official implementation of the group standards of "Raw Materials for Cosmetics: Ergothioneine" and "Raw Materials for Cosmetics: Synthetic Polypeptide", synthetic polypeptide and ergothioneine, as functional raw materials in the field of cosmetics, will realize a more standardized development in the field of cosmetic applications.

Prior to this, Strike Bio has promoted and participated in the development of several group standards, such as "Raw Materials for Cosmetics Nicotinamide" and "Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Product Requirements and Test Methods", to escort the standardized development of the industry.

Stimulus Bio will continue to innovate with raw material research and development and application, and work together with our partners in the beauty industry to open up a new pattern of high standard and high quality development of the beauty industry.

Everything grows and foresees a better future.

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