Finance World | Synthetic Biology Indicator is Here! Highlights of the First China Green Bio-Manufacturing Summit Revealed

A grand industry event focusing on green bio-manufacturing is brewing in Guangzhou. How does synthetic biology, hailed as the "third biotechnology revolution," disrupt the creation of all things? What breakthrough achievements has the industry made so far? And what new development opportunities lie ahead?

From March 27 to 28th, 2023, the first China Green Bio-Manufacturing Summit (CGBMS), jointly organized by Science and Technology Daily and the Chinese Society of Biotechnology Engineering, supported by the People's Government of Guangzhou and the People's Government of Haizhu District in Guangzhou, and hosted by Tidetron Bioworks (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., will commence in Guangzhou. At the summit, hundreds of industry authorities from academia and the industry will showcase cutting-edge developments and profound reflections on the synthetic biology industry.

Healthcare and medicine are among the most widely applied fields of synthetic biology, impacting various sectors, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and testing. Academician Deng Zixin, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Microbial Metabolism, Chinese Academy of Sciences, will deliver a keynote speech titled "Revolutionary Innovation in Health Technology Leveraging Synthetic Biology." Academician Song Erwei, President of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Chinese Academy of Sciences, will focus on applying synthetic biology in cancer treatment and present a keynote speech titled "The Four Revolutions in Cancer Treatment."

Academicians and experts, including Yuan Yingjin, Zheng Yuguo, Zhang Youming, Zeng Anping, Zhang Xianen, and Chen Guoqiang, will focus on breakthroughs in synthetic biology technology, as well as applications in agriculture, green and low-carbon sectors, and the biomanufacturing of carbohydrate substances, bringing forward forward-looking insights for the entire industry.

In addition to the forefront research achievements shared by academic guests, the summit has invited industry leaders such as BASF and BGI to share examples of research achievements transitioning into industrial applications, further promoting the integration of industry, academia, and research.

Zhang Zhiqian, Founder and CEO of Tidetron Bioworks, will present the future exploration of the development of synthetic biology platforms based on successful solutions, including small molecular peptides. Liu Geng, Director of Genomic Research and Development at BGI, will share tumor neoantigen immunotherapy's development and clinical application. Ding Shijie, Co-founder and CEO of Zhouzi Future will share synthetic biology's experience and core technologies in cell-cultured meat production.

The summit will feature a central venue and four themed sub-venues focusing on the application themes of healthcare and medicine, beauty and personal care, agriculture and food, and biomaterials. Guests from academia, industry, and investment sectors will deliver more targeted and precise theme-specific presentations. The summit will also include multiple roundtable forums, where guests will jointly discuss industry development challenges and opportunities, brainstorming ideas for the industry's future.

With numerous cutting-edge sparks of thought, the summit aims to become a compass for the synthetic biology industry. It will initiate the "China Synthetic Biology Application and Innovation Research Platform" in collaboration with government representatives, academic institutions, and industry representatives, further promoting research and the industrial transformation of green bio-manufacturing applications represented by synthetic biology.

The "2022 China Synthetic Biology Green Application and Industry Perception Research Report" will also be released at the summit. Through questionnaire surveys, data analysis, and industry case studies, the report comprehensively reviews the development process of China's synthetic biology industry, challenges, and opportunities. It selects ten typical application cases to promote the healthy and stable development of the industry.

With the gathering of industry authorities, the simultaneous display of research achievements and application cases, and the collision of ideas, the first China Green Bio-Manufacturing Summit will become a compass for the development of the synthetic biology industry in China, paving the way for the industry's high-quality product in the future.

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