Forging a "Quality Card" for Skin Beauty Products, Striplife Launches HPLC Test Solution for Water-soluble Peptides

If quality is the life of the product, then inspection and testing is the guarantee of product life.

Especially in the field of beauty cosmetics, the new regulations put forward more strict and detailed technical requirements for the evaluation of the safety and efficacy of cosmetics, and it is crucial to strengthen scientific research and improve the testing technology capacity.

Based on the few research and application centers in China, Strike Bio has built a comprehensive and systematic testing technology system, which runs through the whole chain from raw material research and development to product application, so that it can customize an exclusive "medical check-up package" for beauty products and provide standardized, high-quality product supply and solutions.

Relying on the continuous innovation of patented technology, Strike Bio has recently launched the innovative program of water-soluble peptide HPLC testing, which is a new move for the beauty industry partners~.

Developing cosmetics is a complex process. If there are problems in any key areas, such as the safety or efficacy of raw materials and formulations, it is inevitable to start all over again. The development of cosmetics is like a game of "play and upgrade", requiring continuous experimentation and validation.

Therefore, in the research and application center of Ecotron Bio, we have created a 3F comprehensive research system that integrates basic research, formulation research and application, and compliance quality control.

This is one of the few management systems in the synthetic biology industry that can systematically empower the whole process of product development, and the main focus is on a "high standard and systematization".

In the process of "fighting and upgrading" in the Research and Application Center, Xiaochuang has also cultivated a "strongest auxiliary" - a comprehensive and systematic testing technology system, which is used to support the products before they are listed on the market. In the process of "upgrading" of the Research and Application Center, Xiaochuang has also cultivated a "strongest auxiliary" - a comprehensive and systematic testing technology system to support the products before they are launched, so as to strictly control product quality from the R&D end and endorse the products for quality control, so that the products can report to the consumers with a "quality business card".

HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) testing usually occupies a large proportion of the testing methods for cosmetics, and can be used to detect various ingredients such as active ingredients, preservatives, colors, fragrances, plasticizers, antioxidants, etc. in cosmetics.

However, the existing HPLC analytical methods are generally not applicable to the analysis of more than three multiple water-soluble peptides, mostly one peptide corresponds to one method. This requires constant changes in the analytical conditions, such as changing the mobile phase, changing the analytical procedure, changing the detection wavelength, etc., with huge management and space investment.

In addition, existing methods often add acids such as acetic acid, trifluoroacetic acid, phosphoric acid, etc. to improve the chromatographic peak shape, which may lead to acidic products with obvious acidic odor, affecting the stability of peptides, and requiring reinforced columns to be acid-resistant.

For this reason, the scientific research team of Ecotron has developed an innovative HPLC detection method after continuous exploration, and has obtained the relevant invention patent certificate.

The innovative principle of this technology lies in the fact that when the components dissolved in the mobile phase pass through the stationary phase, due to the different sizes and strengths of the interactions (adsorption, partitioning, exclusion, affinity) with the stationary phase (stationary phase), the retention time is different, so that they flow out of the stationary phase successively, which greatly improves the analytical efficiency and universality of the analysis of water-soluble peptides.

Experiments have proved that this technology can shorten the traditional detection time of 15 minutes to 3-4 minutes, and increase the detection efficiency by about 5 times.

After solvent debugging and over-column innovation, the versatility of the HPLC assay has also been enhanced, and can now cover a wide range of water-soluble peptides such as Oligopeptide-1, Blue Copper Peptide, and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-9.

Nowadays, the cosmetic industry has ushered in a new era of regulation. It is of great significance to comply with the development and establish a complete testing technology system, and high-throughput, high-resolution and high-efficiency cosmetic testing technology is the main research direction. Strike Bio has built a solid patent barrier for testing technology, with nearly 10 patents covering the detection of small molecule peptides, arbutin and other substances.

Based on biochemistry, cell biology, analytical chemistry, automation and other technical routes, relying on the rich research experience in small molecule peptides, Strike Bio is the first in the industry to build a small molecule peptide HPLC detection system, which has the advantages of high efficiency, universality, and green environmental protection. Combined with Tidetron Tao automated R&D platform, it can fulfill 4-5k testing requirements per month.

This HPLC test solution for water-soluble peptides is an important step for the layout of personalized testing services for partners in the beauty industry, and other testing technology solutions will be launched one after another.

In addition to HPLC detection technology, based on the accumulation of R&D and production advantages in the field of synthetic biology pure skin beauty, Strike Bio is the first in the industry to build the whole chain of pure skin beauty services from raw material development to end products.

Strike Bio is committed to raw material research and development and application innovation, hand in hand with partners in the beauty industry to open up a new pattern of high standard, high quality development of the beauty industry.

Everything grows and foresees a better future.

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