Immersive Experience of Synthetic Biology, Teachers and Students of Sun Yat-sen University International Summer School on the Frontiers of Life Sciences Visit State Creation

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On August 10, 2023, more than 50 students and faculty members from Sun Yat-sen University's International Summer School on the Frontiers of Life Sciences visited Ecotron Bio.

The visit was led by Associate Professor Cao Lichuang from the School of Life Sciences of Sun Yat-sen University, and Chief Scientist Wu Yirui from Ecosynthesis Biologicals made the main sharing. The students experienced the platform development of synthetic biology from classroom to industry, from scientific research and innovation to application, "zero distance".

This year's summer school focuses on "cutting-edge biotechnology" and is taught by more than 10 renowned scholars from home and abroad who are active in the field of cutting-edge biotechnology and have rich teaching experience, and the shortlisted outstanding students are all from well-known universities at home and abroad.

As one of the stops, the synthetic biology newcomer, Ecotron Biologicals, led the students on a life science exploration journey~

The exploratory tour started from the exhibition hall of "Stage Creative Bio-Factory of the Future". The showroom is built by combining synthetic biology automation technology, integrating technology demonstration, product exhibition and industry popularization, and is open to the public as a national bioengineering science education base.

Among them, the Synthetic Biology Automation Demonstration Area clearly presents the process of substance production by using microbial cell factories by Ecotron Bio, and demonstrates the great potential of automation technology to enhance R&D and production efficiency, quality stability, resource utilization efficiency, and safety.


In addition, the teachers and students were also interested in the application products of Strontium Biologics in various fields of "medicine, food, beauty and security", and felt more intuitively that synthetic biology is coming into daily life.

In the modernized R&D laboratory covering the DBTL cycle of synthetic biology, the scientists of Ecosynthesis introduced the technological mysteries and R&D process of synthetic biology to the students and teachers, and directly hit the "first scene" of the convergence of scientific research and industry.

After the visit to the lab, Yirui Wu, Chief Scientist of Ecotron Bio, led Ecotron's R&D team by having an in-depth face-to-face communication with the visiting teachers and students. Its innovations in the fields of gene editing and strain construction, synthetic biology automation, and artificial intelligence predictive modeling inspired a lively discussion.

The questions and inquiries of the school's teachers and students not only focused on technical details, but also covered many aspects such as application prospects. It not only deepened the communication between the two sides, but also provided useful feedback and thinking for the R&D of Ecotronics.


Striking a long relationship with Sun Yat-sen University, in March 2022, Sun Yat-sen University - Striking Bioengineering Biotechnology Joint Research Center was inaugurated in the Science and Technology Park of Sun Yat-sen University, focusing on the synthetic biology section to create a new model of university-enterprise cooperation. 

In addition, based on the Tidetron Tao automation platform, we open up upstream R&D and downstream industrialization cooperation for industry peers, experts and scholars, research institutes, and traditional enterprises, so as to connect the scientific research community and the industry to realize biosynthesis as an alternative to traditional manufacturing.

 As a synthetic biology platform enterprise, Strike Bio is committed to promoting in-depth cooperation between industry, academia and research, providing more practical opportunities for the cultivation of talents in universities, and transforming scientific research results into practical applications for the benefit of thousands of industries and households. A series of science popularization actions based on the "Future Factory" exhibition hall also hope to let more people truly feel the existence of synthetic biology.

 Technology to the new, all things grow.

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