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One of The World's First Synthetic Biology Manufacturing Platforms to Realize Mass Production of Various Substances

As a cutting-edge platform in the field of global synthetic biology,

Tidetron takes the original Tidetron Altra platform-type strain library and component library as the technical engine.

We have solved the industrial problems of transforming and applying scientific research achievements and established a chain covering from R&D to production.

We can provide integrated enterprise-universities-researches solutions for various industries to meet their demands for green, premium raw materials.

Furthermore,we are making bio-manufacturing to lead a green life and more people to achieve the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.





Hardcore System






Customizable Green Solutions



Square Meters R&D Space
1 Hardcore System

Bio-Manufacturing Platforms of Mass Production of Various Substances

The Builder of Green Ecology

Substances R&D

Substances R&D

Design new formulations for screening novel substances

Customized Solution

Customized Solution

Provide customized active substance solutions in different concentrations

Materials Supply

Materials Supply

Provide various industries high-quality substances

Shared Platform

Shared Platform

Open cooperation of Tidetron Altra strain library

Customized Active Substances

Customized Active Substances

Provide unique compound peptide active substances as required

Further Cooperation

Further Cooperation

Joint patent application and functional evaluation

More Than 30 Green Products
Unlimited Customized Solutions

Let Consuming not Be Wasting Anymore

More Than 30 Green Products

And except customized services of research&production solutions, we currently have more than 30 kinds of raw materials sold routinely, including small molecule peptides, erythritol, bulk raw materials and etc.. All these products are covered in tech skin care, food&beverage, household cleaning, biological medicine and other using scenarios.

2000 ㎡ R&D Space
Cross-border Elites Gathering

DNA Let R&D Be the DNA Driving Transformation

Cross-border Elites Gathering in 2000 ㎡ R&D Space

Tidetron has 2,000 square meters of the R&D lab, bringing together hundreds of global elites in biology, medicine, engineering, computer, etc. Based on the future green frontier trend and guided by the people's actual needs, we focused on technological innovation and application breakthroughs in synthetic biology. We also obtained many research achievements and technical patents.

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